I haven’t forgotten about the blog…

December 10, 2008

Things have just been busy around here, and not much spanking going on!

Hopefully, Monday, MC and I will have some playtime.

Regarding my diet: I’ve done “ok” – we are eating healthy foods – oats, beans, etc. We might be eating a little too much, though. We also went out to eat a few times (I think I had a hamburger a couple of times!) which is a no-no for almost any diet.  Exercise has gone by the wayside as the weather got colder. I actually like cold weather, so that’s not a good excuse.

Truth be told, we’ve been lazy. We’ve been watching movies, making christmas plans and doing what we darn well please! I’ve managed to keep up on the chores, but it’s an afterthought rather than something that I do on purpose.

DD was sick and home from school Monday and Tuesday, so my time was spent trying to get her well.  She’s feeling better and is back to school today.

Now  you see why I haven’t been writing. I really dont have much to write about – and I’m even boring myself at this point!

The cane and tawse

November 29, 2008


Today’s Chores:

Pick up bedroom/bathroom floors

Oil wood furniture


Clean sinks

Take out garbage

Clean dining table


Plan menu for the week


Clean water cooler


Does it seem like this list is getting longer? It sure seems that way to me!


Thanksgiving was nice, and I didn’t overeat – much. Of course, we all ate more than we usually do, and my stomach has been paying the price, since. I did still exercise that day, and I didn’t eat sweets, so it counted as a successful day 3.

I’ve been doing simple exercises, for 30 minutes minimum. I’ve mostly been riding the stationary bike, because it’s convenient. I know it’s not very intense, but I’m really trying to make sure I do something almost every day.

Today is day 1 of my new 3 day goal. Yesterday would have been it, but I ate a donut. So far so good today, just oatmeal and coffee. I’ve found that if I use splenda and mocha mix, coffee still seems like a treat. I used to drink coffee and tea with Vanilla coffee mate, but I started reading the labels. I’m trying to avoid sugar, and hydrogenated oils, and coffee-mate has both! Mocha mix doesn’t have either one, and it has a rich creamy taste that is still satisfying.

To be tied….


So far, I’ve earned one cane or tawse cut for December 5th. MC says he’s going to make them really hard. That’s really what I need, I know. If it’s not something I dread, it’s not an effective threat. Even though the hairbrush and paddles hurt, I don’t dread them. I’m afraid of the cane, because it cuts. It hurts, and I bleed. There are times I nearly pass out from the pain that reverberates from my ass to my head. None of those things happen with a spanking. Eventually the pain during a spanking dulls, and I can actually take more than MC is willing or able to dish out. Not so with the cane. The cane is what made me give up smoking. It’s the only thing that worked.  I’ll have to be sure to rub it down with alcohol. That makes it far less scary, because I know I’m not at risk of infection due to dust/dirt coming in contact with the cuts.


The tawse is somewhat scary to me, because it wraps, and stings, and occasionally hits my pussy and asshole. It’s very unpredictable. I certainly prefer implements that thud, rather than sting…and that’s why this is an effective punishment implement.

Three day fitness goals

November 26, 2008


 Today’s chores:

Clean Dining table

Dry Dust

Clean Bike and Exercise Equipment

Clean Sinks

Take out garbage

Pick up bedroom floors

Get down cobwebs


Clean out refrigerator

Wash out trashcans

Clean Blinds

Hot spot fire drill

10 minutes in current zone (Master Bedroom)

 It’s not as much as it sounds. I knocked it out in about an hour.

 MC might be going back to school to finish his Masters degree. He could go a couple of directions, either IT or psychology. He would be great at either one.  Poor guy had to re-do his website today. He’s working really long hours on that. I know it will be a great success when he gets it done, though.  


Ok, new plan – instead of a week at a time, I’m making 3 day goals. Follow meal plan for 3 days in a row, exercise 30 minutes 3 days in a row. Once I screw up, it starts over, with a new three day goal. So far, I haven’t really been able to have a completely “good week” and it’s driving me nuts. So far, I’m on day two – but tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I don’t know if I can have a successful “day three” on Thanksgiving!

To be tied….

Today MC and I had planned to have some playtime. I did get my diet spanking – but we didn’t get to play as long as we had hoped. It’s been raining here, and someone was on the roof walking around. We figured it was maintenance looking for leaks. Either way, we couldn’t make any noise, and our play was halted. *sigh*. MC and I are going to have to settle for vanilla sex for a while. Definitely need to get to the Lair. Very soon. There are a couple of “munches” scheduled for December. Maybe we’ll go to those, and see what we can get started.

3 Spanked Bottom Pictures – which one is better?

November 26, 2008

Well, today MC gave me my diet spanking, for not exercising and for gaining 1.8 pounds last week. He took 3 pictures. We were trying to figure out which one was a better one to post. Which do you like better (or, hate least?) 




Week 4 / Thanksgiving Plans And Supplements

November 24, 2008



I have a headache. It started with DD calling me at noon today to tell me that I taught her something wrong on her homework. Ugh. First of all, I don’t think I did. I told her to bring it home and show me. If I did, I’m going to learn something today…  Either way, it irritated me, and now I have a headache.

We are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I like my in-laws. I know a lot of people have problems with their mother-in-law, but I don’t.  I like her, possibly more than I like my own mother. She’s involved with MC, but doesn’t stick her nose in our business. When we got married, she didn’t want us to go to Vegas, but that’s the only time she’s expressed something that she wanted us to do. She has 5 children, and MC was the first to get married. We wound up getting married at her house, and it was a nice ceremony. I think she was happy with the way things turned out. MC and I were just going to get married in Vegas for simplicity, because we didn’t feel like planning a bunch of stuff – but mom-in-law took care of all the planning and it was really nice. We were even able to have the minister we wanted, which wouldn’t have happened if we had gone to Vegas.


MC and I watched Kama Sutra last night – it was actually ok. As expected, the Indian women and colors are beautiful. The men are creepy – all except one. Funny though, I think they cast a Native American man for that role..lol..I guess Indian is Indian is Indian. They had to find at least one good looking man somewhere.

Today I don’t have nearly as many chores as yesterday. It’s basically just maintenance from the weekend:

Clean Dining table

Take out Garbage

Clean sinks

Pick up bedroom floors



I haven’t really done any exercise all week to speak of. I’ve been really distracted, for some reason. Time to get back on track.  I’m up almost 2 pounds. Sweets and lack of exercise are my main problems, right now. I’m low on energy. Sweets don’t help in the long run – but they help to keep me awake in the moment. I have to find some other way.

We have discovered a couple of good supplements that we are adding to almost all of our food. I add whole flaxseed to my oatmeal and to my morning smoothies. Turmeric is a mild seasoning that is great on chicken, rice, vegetables and beans.


Flaxseed has Omega 3 oils, and loaded with fiber, which we all know is good!  It has a slightly nutty flavor.




Turmeric is an anti-inflamatory, great for stomach ailments and is also touted as an anti-cancer agent. I’m hoping it will eliminate my psoriasis. So far, it’s improving!  Turmeric doesn’t have a strong flavor, so we can use a lot of it. It does stain, though, so if you use a lot of turmeric on your chicken and you eat your chicken with your fingers, you’ll have yellow fingertips.


Three People vs. 7 cups of vanilla ice cream:

Last night we had banana milkshakes. Big no-no. This morning, DD and I got up and finished the ice cream from last night, making more banana milkshake. MC said he didn’t want any, because it was too cold and he was having to go outside. Poor guy. So DD and I ate it all. I suppose it’s better to do that for breakfast, and have a chance to burn it off…but it’s better not to do THAT at all!

For lunch I had oatmeal, and for dinner tonight we will have chicken and veggies.

To be tied….

It turns out that MC and I might have some alone time, on Wednesday morning. DD will be at school half-day and MC thinks he has the day off.  I’ll keep you updated. I’m a little nervous, because I am due a punishment. But nothing worse than I’ve had before.

MC has started doing some fetish clothing / fetish toy sales. We might have more toys here soon than we know what to do with! Next time we get our bag out, I’ll take a picture of what we have, right now. Later, we might need a wide angle lens!

Week 3 / New Exercise Video/ Another punishment coming…someday…

November 17, 2008


I’ve been thinking about what MC and I are, as spankos. We aren’t just a pervert or pain slut (we are this, too!). We are hopeless romantics. We want our relationship real and intense. Few things are more real and intense than a bare bottom spanking. We want our relationship to be as traditional as possible, and we aren’t willing to join cults or religious sects to do it. I value my freedom, and choose to give it away to the one I love.


Well, my one week break turned into a 3 pound gain!  I know why – I didn’t work out much, and we just ate what we wanted. We went out to eat a lot, and even went to Knotts Berry Farm. I’m not really in trouble over the gain – it’s really the missed exercise days and how easily the diet goals were dismissed. So, my butt is in a moderate amount of trouble.


At any rate, I’m back on track this week. I reviewed my goals last night, and today has been a good day so far. I’m on my original diet plan, of 1200 calories a day, and a goal of 90 minutes of exercise per day. We even switched to soy milk. It’s a little lighter in calories, but the main benefit is that it’s lactose free. I think I tend to be lactose sensitive, and it’s hard to exercise and eat right when my stomach hurts. The vanilla soy milk is pretty tasty, and it goes well on cereal and in my tea and coffee. What more could a girl ask for?


I also found a new exercise video – it’s Jackie Warners “Workout – One on One training with Jackie Warner”. This video is great. It’s a tough workout, but it’s very do-able for me. I’m strong so I need a tough workout. But so many of the good workouts are difficult on joints, or are so complicated that I have to watch the video 100 times before I can actually do it. This one is different. It’s 90% strength training, with short spurts of cardio. Each exercise is done for a full minute, which gives my muscles a chance to actually fatigue, before my brain is exhausted. A couple of the girls moan like pornstars a couple of times, but it’s not constant. I definitely recommend it. I did the full workout yesterday, and half of it today, and my thighs are really sore. It feels great!

If anyone has any suggestions for workouts, I would sure like to hear them. I’m certainly not an expert – just an enthusiast!

To be tied….

MC is trying to figure out when my punishment/play day will be. DD will be here most of the day on his day off this week. It might have to wait until next Thursday!  But oh, next Thursday is Thanksgiving! So we’re looking at the beginning of December? That’s a LONG time away.  There’s a small chance MC will be staying home from work tomorrow because of the fires. The smoke and ash is really bad on his lungs and sinuses. I guess we’ll see what happens.

In case you’re interested in what’s been going on here, it’s fire, fire everywhere.  I believe last count, there are 6 major fires, in 4 counties – Orange, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino.  We are officially surrounded. The air is horrible, so we are staying indoors. We are fortunate to be about 15 miles away from the closest fire.

Week 2 / Spanked, a little more than I had to be…

November 10, 2008

Since MC let me have one more day, I didn’t gain – yay – I actually lost a pound. What a great anniversary present. MC is taking me to Knotts this weekend, too.

Well this is the result of my diet efforts this week. The final tally was one pound down – but my effort was not 100%. I missed several days exercise, and could have certainly done better.  So, I’d earned a spanking, still – but not as hard as if I’d actually gained. I’ve done better this week already, exercising a lot.

At any rate, I got spanked a little harder than I probably would have…but I got myself into trouble. I was over MC’s knee, and I wanted to get away from the brush. My cell phone started ringing (generic ringtone for people I don’t know) so I told MC that it was DD calling…of course he let me up thinking there was some sort of emergency…  I said “just kidding” ran off and locked myself in the bedroom for some much needed bottom rubbing. Well, that was a mistake, and I got a few extra swats with that stupid brush.

Up until I decided to be a brat, MC was being funny – he noticed that since we were positioned in front of the television, he had a reflection of himself spanking me. He was obviously enjoying himself. I should have let him continue in that!  You can see some bruises left over from last week – you’d think I’d learn…