I haven’t forgotten about the blog…

December 10, 2008

Things have just been busy around here, and not much spanking going on!

Hopefully, Monday, MC and I will have some playtime.

Regarding my diet: I’ve done “ok” – we are eating healthy foods – oats, beans, etc. We might be eating a little too much, though. We also went out to eat a few times (I think I had a hamburger a couple of times!) which is a no-no for almost any diet.  Exercise has gone by the wayside as the weather got colder. I actually like cold weather, so that’s not a good excuse.

Truth be told, we’ve been lazy. We’ve been watching movies, making christmas plans and doing what we darn well please! I’ve managed to keep up on the chores, but it’s an afterthought rather than something that I do on purpose.

DD was sick and home from school Monday and Tuesday, so my time was spent trying to get her well.  She’s feeling better and is back to school today.

Now  you see why I haven’t been writing. I really dont have much to write about – and I’m even boring myself at this point!

Week 3 / New Exercise Video/ Another punishment coming…someday…

November 17, 2008


I’ve been thinking about what MC and I are, as spankos. We aren’t just a pervert or pain slut (we are this, too!). We are hopeless romantics. We want our relationship real and intense. Few things are more real and intense than a bare bottom spanking. We want our relationship to be as traditional as possible, and we aren’t willing to join cults or religious sects to do it. I value my freedom, and choose to give it away to the one I love.


Well, my one week break turned into a 3 pound gain!  I know why – I didn’t work out much, and we just ate what we wanted. We went out to eat a lot, and even went to Knotts Berry Farm. I’m not really in trouble over the gain – it’s really the missed exercise days and how easily the diet goals were dismissed. So, my butt is in a moderate amount of trouble.


At any rate, I’m back on track this week. I reviewed my goals last night, and today has been a good day so far. I’m on my original diet plan, of 1200 calories a day, and a goal of 90 minutes of exercise per day. We even switched to soy milk. It’s a little lighter in calories, but the main benefit is that it’s lactose free. I think I tend to be lactose sensitive, and it’s hard to exercise and eat right when my stomach hurts. The vanilla soy milk is pretty tasty, and it goes well on cereal and in my tea and coffee. What more could a girl ask for?


I also found a new exercise video – it’s Jackie Warners “Workout – One on One training with Jackie Warner”. This video is great. It’s a tough workout, but it’s very do-able for me. I’m strong so I need a tough workout. But so many of the good workouts are difficult on joints, or are so complicated that I have to watch the video 100 times before I can actually do it. This one is different. It’s 90% strength training, with short spurts of cardio. Each exercise is done for a full minute, which gives my muscles a chance to actually fatigue, before my brain is exhausted. A couple of the girls moan like pornstars a couple of times, but it’s not constant. I definitely recommend it. I did the full workout yesterday, and half of it today, and my thighs are really sore. It feels great!

If anyone has any suggestions for workouts, I would sure like to hear them. I’m certainly not an expert – just an enthusiast!

To be tied….

MC is trying to figure out when my punishment/play day will be. DD will be here most of the day on his day off this week. It might have to wait until next Thursday!  But oh, next Thursday is Thanksgiving! So we’re looking at the beginning of December? That’s a LONG time away.  There’s a small chance MC will be staying home from work tomorrow because of the fires. The smoke and ash is really bad on his lungs and sinuses. I guess we’ll see what happens.

In case you’re interested in what’s been going on here, it’s fire, fire everywhere.  I believe last count, there are 6 major fires, in 4 counties – Orange, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Bernardino.  We are officially surrounded. The air is horrible, so we are staying indoors. We are fortunate to be about 15 miles away from the closest fire.

Body image, medical costs and MC’s stepchild

November 6, 2008


Domestic Duties:  Ok, just to clarify for those who have written to me, this is not a list of chores given to me by MC (does it really matter?). This is just a list of things I’ve done today. I do not enjoy housework. But, I do enjoy making a nice home for MC. MC wouldn’t know where to start, to make a chore list.

Make Coffee

Dry Dust

Clean bike and exercise equipment

Clean sinks

Take out garbage

Bug prevention

Clean dining table

Clean out refrigerator

Help DD with homework

Make Dinner

I’ve been researching dental and vision programs, as well as Flexible spending accounts that are available through MC’s work. It’s really sort of complicated. But, we are really so fortunate to have these options. DD just got braces, which is going to be $4000, MC needs some dental work done to the tune of $2000 – and MC also needs new glasses. We were doing fine with just medical insurance, but now it seems time to get the dental and vision. The flexible spending account will take the $ out of his paycheck pre-tax and make it available for us to use for medical expenses. In fact, this particular FSA makes 100% of our allowance available as of January 1st. So if we choose to allot $5000 to the account, $5000 will be available as of January 1st – we don’t have to wait until it’s withdrawn from his paycheck at the rate of $415 per month. It’s the perfect way to budget these big expenses and we avoid paying some taxes, which always feels good. I wonder if medical weight loss center services are eligible expenses.  No, I’m not talking gastric bypass- I’m not even eligible – but perhaps a medically supervised weight loss program would be useful. I’m a lucky girl, to have a husband with such a good job.

I was thinking today, about DD, and her braces and all of the expenses that come with a child. DD is not MC’s biological child. Some would be surprised to know this, because he takes care of her as if she were. He never complains that she costs so much, or about what she needs. He has never said she is not his child. She is 100% his child, as far as we are concerned. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives. MC does not have any biological children, but he makes such a good father, he is one of the few men who probably should have. If he ever said he wanted another child, I would do my very best to do it for him. I’m not sure it would be possible, at my age, and with my reproductive history – but I would certainly give it a shot.  Then again, MC might just be looking forward to the time when DD is grown, and he and I can have more alone-time. I know I am. I’m even looking forward to the time when DD has a more active social life and can be gone for a while…

DD does know her biological father, but has only met him once. He makes little effort to be involved with her, and seems to avoid her. He certainly does not pay child support (I’ve received about $400 in 12 years) or pay his half of medical expenses. I don’t even try to enforce it, because it’s not going to happen. That said, Support Kids Inc is the only organization I’ve found that has been able to collect anything from him. No, he still doesn’t pay the full $200 per month, but he usually winds up paying a little – $40…$50 – which is better than nothing. I got nothing for the first 9 years of DD’s life. Then, I signed up for Support Kids. They located him, and they have gotten him to acknowledge his responsibility in a small way. They do charge a percentage, but 15% of zero is zero, so they are motivated to collect.


Today I did the Billy Blanks workout, and rode the stationary bike. This was the first day I’ve been able to ride the bike since Monday, since sitting on it would have hurt too much. Even today, I didn’t do it very long.  

I think if I lived in older times, I wouldn’t have such poor body image. My husband does not ever tell me I’m fat, and my clothes fit – I’m active and able to do things  – so if I didn’t have the scale and the weight charts telling me what I should weigh, I wonder if I would know how fat I am? Then again, if I was living on a farm, raising 5-10 children and making my own clothes- maybe I wouldn’t be overweight. But then, from what I can tell, being plump and pale were signs of wealth, and were considered beautiful. I know very well that MC doesn’t want me super skinny. Who would want to spank a boney butt? He just wants me healthy, and to feel good about my body. Right now, I don’t. I am aiming for 130-140, which will be about a size 7 on my frame.

Speaking of butts, I think Cookie Crawford would be the most fun “type” to spank. Not fat, not thin – just right. Not that I’ve ever spanked anyone since I reached adulthood. I’m just imagining, that’s all.

 Today’s Diet:

Breakfast: Honey Nut Cheerios

During the day: Coffee and Water

Dinner: Black Beans, Salsa and Spinach pasta

 To be Tied….

 Christian DD: These websites have some of the best descriptions of the way a husband should take control, and spank his wife. Although I’m intrigued by these discussions, I also realize that the authors are just making an excuse for their kink. Sure, punishment spankings can be very real – but are we really trying to say the bible says we should do it? I don’t think God cares, one way or another, if a husband spanks his wife.  He might care, however, that some are trying to twist what he has said, just to fit what they want to do.

Pantaloons: Someday, I’m going to get a pair of drop seat pajamas. It’s not that MC  has any kind of difficult time baring my bottom – but drop seat pajamas remind me that he can…and with something that fun, he probably would more often. I’ll buy them when I can buy them in a fun size- like a 10.



Diet and Exercise Specifics

November 5, 2008


I was home with DD today, because she was sick. I did more housework than I usually do in one day. She’s feeling better and going back to school tomorrow. So, tomorrow I probably won’t get anything done..lol


Domestic Duties:

Pick up bedroom floors (DD and I finally got her room clean)

Clean Dining Table

Load and run dishwasher


Mop Floors

10 minutes in current zone

Clean Bathrooms

Clean Sinks

Take out garbage


Ok, Richard Simmon’s sweatin to the oldies video was too retarded for words. It wasn’t nearly challenging enough. I don’t know what I expected. Back to Billy Blanks and Leslie Sansone, my two stand-bys. I’m going to continue to rent a variety of fitness videos, but no more Richard Simmons. I just can’t bring myself to do it.



To meet my exercise requirement, I have to do 90 minutes of exercise, 6 days a week. That’s 9 hours of exercise each week (Sunday through Saturday). I’ve only done an hour this week. It’s hard to exercise with a sore behind.  I certainly can’t go bike riding. I have to do double time for the rest of the week to meet my goal and avoid punishment. Weigh-ins are on Friday.



Today’s Diet

Breakfast: Oatmeal

During the day: Coffee

Dinner: Black Beans with Salsa

Ordinarily, my nutrition goals are the following:

Meal structure:
(approx 1200)
6:00am -Breakfast (300)

8:00am WORKOUT #1 (Outside or at Gym)
9:00am-Snack (100) (Skip if no 8:00am workout)

9:30-2:00 – Work Hours
12:00pm-Lunch (300)
2:00pm  WORKOUT #2 (Home)

3:00pm 1 small apple /other fruit (100) (skip if no workout)

3:00-5:00  House Work / Family Time
5:00pm -Snack (100)
7:00pm-Dinner (300)
8:00pm  1 Tbsp peanut butter (100)

9:30pm Medications, shower and Bed

Breakfast Options: (300 Cal)
1.)½ cup oatmeal

 1 small piece fruit

2.)3 Egg whites
2 slices of fat free turkey

Lunch Options: (300 Cal)

1.)3 oz of fat free chicken breast
¼ cup of brown rice
Olive Oil (bottle spray)

2.)1 can of tuna
1 tsp of reduced fat mayo
1 slice of wheat bread  or 5 wheat crackers

3) 2 cans of tuna
1 tsp of reduced fat mayo
1 cup broccoli  or other green vegetable
4 mini carrots

4.)3 oz of fat free chicken
Olive Oil (bottle spray)
½  potato (boiled)

Dinner Options: (300 Cal)
1.)3 oz of white fish
Olive Oil (bottle spray)
Lime/ lemon juice
1 cup Broccoli or other green vegetable
4 mini carrots

2.)2 cans of tuna
1 tsp of reduced fat mayo
1 cup broccoli
4 mini carrots

3.)3 oz of fat free chicken
1 tsp Olive Oil
½  potato (boiled)

4.)Salmon (3 oz) or fat free chicken breast (baked, no oil)
1 cup fresh spinach or other green vegetable
½ tomato or fruit
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp olive oil

Snack Options (100 calories):
1.) 1 green apple or 6 strawberries

2.) 2 tbsp non fat cottage cheese
½ tsp of jelly

3.) 100 calorie protein bar / Shake

4.) 10 almonds

To be tied…

Nothing much to report in this category. Maybe MC is putting me through deprivation training and just didn’t tell me.  The poor guy is exhausted after working all day, and just wants to rest when he gets home. I don’t blame him. He has a difficult job, that really takes its toll on him sometimes.  This is part of the reason our sessions take place on his days off.