I figured out what my problem is!

January 28, 2009

I’m depressed in the winter. And, I have allergies. No amount of attention from MC seems to help.

Here’s what I did: I lit up my apartment. I got 2 natural light floor lamps and this thing


It’s called a light box. It is about 12 inches high, and it sits on my desk. It emits negative ion’s 24 hours a day, which reduces allergens. The light just stays off, except for 30-60 minutes a day when I do my “light therapy”.  I just sit in front of it, and read or work on the computer and after the prescribed amount of time, it shuts off. That’s all. My appetite is diminished, which is great, and my energy seems to be up. I’ve been sleeping better at night, and I have more energy during the day. I’ve already re-organized 2 closets and I’m getting ready to start a container garden on my balcony.

No spanking for now, folks. MC has been busy with his writing and his new publishing company. I’m not being totally neglected though – just nothing picture -and- story-worthy.