Three day fitness goals

November 26, 2008


 Today’s chores:

Clean Dining table

Dry Dust

Clean Bike and Exercise Equipment

Clean Sinks

Take out garbage

Pick up bedroom floors

Get down cobwebs


Clean out refrigerator

Wash out trashcans

Clean Blinds

Hot spot fire drill

10 minutes in current zone (Master Bedroom)

 It’s not as much as it sounds. I knocked it out in about an hour.

 MC might be going back to school to finish his Masters degree. He could go a couple of directions, either IT or psychology. He would be great at either one.  Poor guy had to re-do his website today. He’s working really long hours on that. I know it will be a great success when he gets it done, though.  


Ok, new plan – instead of a week at a time, I’m making 3 day goals. Follow meal plan for 3 days in a row, exercise 30 minutes 3 days in a row. Once I screw up, it starts over, with a new three day goal. So far, I haven’t really been able to have a completely “good week” and it’s driving me nuts. So far, I’m on day two – but tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I don’t know if I can have a successful “day three” on Thanksgiving!

To be tied….

Today MC and I had planned to have some playtime. I did get my diet spanking – but we didn’t get to play as long as we had hoped. It’s been raining here, and someone was on the roof walking around. We figured it was maintenance looking for leaks. Either way, we couldn’t make any noise, and our play was halted. *sigh*. MC and I are going to have to settle for vanilla sex for a while. Definitely need to get to the Lair. Very soon. There are a couple of “munches” scheduled for December. Maybe we’ll go to those, and see what we can get started.


November 23, 2008

Not much to report today – just a lot of chores

 Clean back balcony

Clean front porch

Bug prevention (have you figured out yet that I hate bugs??)

Clean bathrooms

Pick up bedroom floors

Clean dining table

Clean out refrigerator

Clean sinks

Take out garbage

Get down cobwebs

Hot Spot Fire Drill

27 fling boogie

Dry Dust

Oil Wood Furniture

Clean Kitchen

Clean water cooler

Water plants

Sweep and mop floors

Pick up bedroom floors



Whew! Can I breathe now?


MC and I rented  Kama Sutra and we are actually going to try to watch it tonight. I hope it’s not stupid! We watched “Farewell,  my Concubine” the other day, and it was soooo stupid – 3 hours of stupid! I rented it because I heard there was some S/m and spanking. Stupid me – all the spanking was of little boys in an opera troupe. Ick.

MC Appreciation Day

November 21, 2008

This week, I’ve been reading about various relationships. Some are great, and make me happy. Others make me sad. It’s made me appreciate my own relationship. MC plays so many roles, and I would like to point them out.

Provider:  MC has enabled me to work at home, and basically be a work-at-home mom. MC works full time at his “real” job and earns a good living. He has been at the same company for more than 20 years. He is a hard worker, and never tries to do less than anyone else. In fact, he has taken on the role of Shop Steward/Union Representative at his office. This takes a lot of time, effort and patience. He is a gracious advocate for his co-workers, when there have been times that he needed an advocate and didn’t get one.

Boss: Yes, MC is my boss where I work! This is his “second” job and my primary job. He is extremely helpful and is a great motivator when my motivation diminishes.

Writer: MC has a “third” job. MC stays up late every night, writing and promoting his books. He writes bdsm/spanking books as well as mainstream novels. He has worked hard to perfect his art, and it has paid off.

Lover:  MC is a generous and first-rate lover. He has a high awareness of my limits and comfort levels. He is significantly endowed, which took some getting used to on my part. Of course, that physical aspect of him makes even vanilla sex a little edgy. He has always taken our physical capabilities and levels of experience into consideration. J Before I met MC, I had never experienced any sort of bondage or anal sex. He has patiently trained me to tolerate these things and actually find pleasure in them.

Spanker: MC is my disciplinarian. MC is not a wimpy spanker. He has large strong hands, and he uses them to their full capability. A medium strength hand spanking from him is equal to many hard paddle spankings I’ve seen. He knows what I can take, and what my limits are. I have never had to use a safeword, and I don’t even have one. (“Oh, ow, that’s enough” doesn’t count apparently!). He’s not afraid to test my limits and take me further than I ever thought possible.

Mentor / Strength: MC is my best friend. MC is a rock. Countless times, MC has brought me “back down” when I thought all hope was lost. Whether I was frustrated by work, family, DD, school, whatever, he always had a solution or something to strengthen my resolve. We met back in 1998, and when the world was “supposed to end” on January 1, 2000, MC was right there, telling me nothing was going to change. Being the nervous person I am, I was glued to the television set, convinced the world would blow up. MC came to my house (another 5 hour drive!) and spent the weekend with me. He is very wise, and mentally steady. I never have to worry what mood he’ll be in, or what I’ll have to deal with. 

Father: Since he met DD in 1998, (when she was two years old) he has been her father figure. At that time, DD had never met her biological father, and for 9 years, MC was the only male figure in her life. DD has since met her biological father once, but her relationship is so much stronger with MC. DD never has to worry that MC is going to leave her, or hurt her. He is her provider, and confidant. DD is so fortunate to have MC as her step-father and she knows it. Even when she tests his patience, he is kind and forgiving. 

Loyal Husband: When I first met MC, I told him that I didn’t expect him to be exclusive to me since I lived so far away- but I requested that he tell me if he was being intimate with any other woman. He spent 4 years driving 5 hours one way to see me every weekend (that’s 208 trips!) and I don’t doubt his faithfulness, even during those times. In 2002, I moved in with MC, and times were tough – I was scared, and jealous, and a nervous wreck, but he was still faithful. We were married in 2005, and I believe he will be faithful throughout our lives together. This does not mean that we cannot play with other people – we can, together. We will not, however, have sex with other people. That would be dangerous and a violation of our vows.


Thank you, MC for all that you are, and all that you do.


Love ALWAYS, your tigger

Delays, Delays and More Delays

November 19, 2008



Today I had to take DD to the orthodontist. We thought she was going to get her wires put on, but it turns out she needs to have 2 teeth removed, first. I made an appointment for November 28th, but then realized that we would be doing this instead of any Christmas travel – or really any Christmas at all!


Tooth extractions are EXPENSIVE without insurance, and we won’t have insurance until January 1st. So, functional braces are delayed. DD has the hardware on, but the wires will have to wait until January. It sort of works out though, because January 1st is also when we can use the FSA funds. It’s just that poor DD has to wait until January. She says she doesn’t mind. What a good kid.

Tomorrow I have two meetings with DD’s school. One is due to attendance because she misses school due to her asthma. Another is a “6 year planning meeting” – who knows what that means. Jr. High is such a culture shock and so different than it was when I was 12/13.



DD and I will probably go to see my folks for Christmas. MC won’t be able to go, because he’ll have to work. But, I think he’ll enjoy the break anyway. We’ll probably stay at my folks house for a week, taking the train there and back.


Pasadena has gasoline for $1.87 a gallon today! That’s damn near low enough to drive 30 miles to get it. In my town, we are still above $2/gallon, but we are still happy to be below $3/gallon.





Today was a horrible diet day, but it was MC’s fault. He convinced me to use the rest of the peanut butter to make peanut butter cookies! Great mentoring there, MC…  Geez!  I guess one “plus” is that MC is fair, and there’s no way he’d spank me for a day like this – when it’s obviously his fault.


At any rate, the recipe made about a hundred of these damned cookies and we ate about half of them today. I’ve been feeling cruddy ever since. I know I ate about 1000 calories in cookies. Exercise is out of the question, because I’m sort of dizzy and I’m sick to my stomach.


Tomorrow is a new day.

To be tied….


Play is also delayed. MC and I probably won’t have a day alone until December! Ugh! It sucks, too, because our lousy downstairs neighbors just moved away – so we wouldn’t have to be so quiet.



Week 2 / Spanked, a little more than I had to be…

November 10, 2008

Since MC let me have one more day, I didn’t gain – yay – I actually lost a pound. What a great anniversary present. MC is taking me to Knotts this weekend, too.

Well this is the result of my diet efforts this week. The final tally was one pound down – but my effort was not 100%. I missed several days exercise, and could have certainly done better.  So, I’d earned a spanking, still – but not as hard as if I’d actually gained. I’ve done better this week already, exercising a lot.

At any rate, I got spanked a little harder than I probably would have…but I got myself into trouble. I was over MC’s knee, and I wanted to get away from the brush. My cell phone started ringing (generic ringtone for people I don’t know) so I told MC that it was DD calling…of course he let me up thinking there was some sort of emergency…  I said “just kidding” ran off and locked myself in the bedroom for some much needed bottom rubbing. Well, that was a mistake, and I got a few extra swats with that stupid brush.

Up until I decided to be a brat, MC was being funny – he noticed that since we were positioned in front of the television, he had a reflection of himself spanking me. He was obviously enjoying himself. I should have let him continue in that!  You can see some bruises left over from last week – you’d think I’d learn… 



Sore bottom day

November 4, 2008



Today was basically a wash – not good or bad really. My calories were low, for lack of food. My exercise didn’t happen because my butt hurt. Taking DD to the orthodontist took over the afternoon and evening.


Domestic Duties: All I did today was clean the kitchen, make dinner, and make coffee. Whoopdee do. What a good wife I Actually things don’t look that bad around here. I’ve been flying through my chores.


Obama is officially President Elect today. I am cautiously pleased with this outcome. We will see how it works out. I hope he is as sincere as he seems and will take this country in a good direction.




Blockbuster has shipped my copy of Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Yeah..laugh..but it’s yet another exercise program to help me reach my goals.


I’ve been watching MC read my blog, and also read the spanking diet group…and I can’t tell you what a turn-on this is. It’s proof that he really does care, and willing to put some time into me. Don’t misunderstand me. MC is a good man. He always has been. He’s hard working, intelligent, kind and loyal. But he’s very very busy and sometimes it’s necessary that I take a backseat to other goings-on. Reading a blog, or reading/posting in newsgroups is something that takes time, and thought – and something that he does, just for me.



To Be Tied….


My bottom is so sore today, and has black and blue and purple spots. I haven’t been this sore in a long time. I showed MC, and he doesn’t feel a bit sorry for me! I have no doubt that he would spank me again if I earned it. Needless to say, I’m being very careful not to earn it!

This is an adult Site

November 4, 2008



This is just a reminder that this is an adult site, and is not intended for viewing by persons under the age of 18. Some of the subject matter can be intense and a little scary for some. The subject matter is adult spanking and domestic discipline. It will also contain pictures that may be disturbing to some.