About Tigger/About This Blog

I am a 33 year old female submissive, living with my long time Dom/Husband (MC) in Southern California.  MC spanked me on our very first date, in 1998. We have been together for 10 years, and married about half that time. This blog is about our life together and my efforts to lose weight, get in shape and be HOT!

MC and I are both educated and have good jobs. I work mostly from home, for a small non-profit and MC is the primary wage-earner. He takes very good care of me, and our daughter, DD (DD = dear daughter).

We have joined the Spanking Diet Group at http://americanspankingsociety.com .  As long as I make my weekly goals, and comply with the diet and exercise requirements, I avoid punishment. However, if I fail to get the prescribed amount of exercise, or keep my calories within a specified range, I can count on a hard spanking from my husband, MC.  There are, of course other reasons for punishment, but those are rare. I think in 10 years, I’ve received punishment for three non-diet related things. One was smoking (I quit back in 2000! Yay!), one was skipping school (I was still an undergrad when I met MC in 1998), and the other time was for throwing away some collectible plastic cups (i.e junk) MC wanted to keep.  Most spankings I receive are in the “maintenance” category. A hot sore bottom makes for great sex.

MC  is training me as his submissive, and part of that training requires pain tolerance.  So, even if I meet all of my goals, it doesn’t guarantee that my life will be pain free – only punishment free.  There is a difference. When MC has to spend time punishing me, it takes away time that could be used for training. Punishment is not his preference, nor is it my goal. 

I can be reached via e-mail at Tigger4MC@yahoo.com or on Yahoo Messenger as Tigger4MC.  Hit me up! I’m always excited to hear from other like-minded individuals and couples.  MC likes to spank brats, and I like to be turned over a strong mans knee. So if you’re up for some fun in Southern California…let me know! I think you will find we are remarkably normal.



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