Twenty MC Faults (this post is gonna get me spanked for sure!)

I’ve been accused of being blind to MC’s faults, and MC has been accused of having no faults! Ha! Let me dispel that myth right now:

  • 1) MC likes morning sex – bad breath, having to pee and all – he wants it. I hate it.
  • 2) MC clacks his teeth with his fork when he takes a bite.
  • 3) MC absolutely cannot eat chips quietly, or with his mouth closed
  • 4) MC spends WAY too much time in front of his computer (granted, he is actually accomplishing things – writing, website design, etc.)
  • 5) Most of the time, I go to bed alone – about 4 hours ahead of MC
  • 6) MC sneezes so loudly that I jump every time
  • 7) MC steals restaurant mints by the pocketful (buying them at the store would just hurt his cheap heart)
  • 8) MC is a slob. If it was up to him, he’d have clothes and dishes in every room of the apartment. Yet, he will stoop over to pick up a piece of lint off the carpet.
  • 9) MC collects paper. Whatever it is – brochures, tissues, paper towels, receipts, bags – it’s all on his desk. It’s a fire hazard. I get spanked for throwing any of it away.
  • 10) MC takes his shoes off and rubs sock remnants (i.e. toe jam) all over the carpet under his desk. Then you-know-who has to get under there to clean it up. Don’t ask me if it smells – I don’t know- I hold my breath.
  • 11) MC waits until the kitchen is perfectly clean to go cook bacon on the high setting and splatter grease everywhere.
  • 12) MC talks to himself in the morning. I used to take this personally, because it sounds like he’s grumbling – he’s just leaking random thoughts because he can’t hold any more hot air in his head.
  • 13) For a dominant, MC is really lazy. I have to take down my own pants, lower my own panties, get myself over his lap, and occasionally hand him the implement of destruction. I’m surprised I don’t have to spank myself.
  • 14) MC uses my comb to comb his hair, and leaves his hair in it.
  • 15) MC has never once told me that he loves me, first.
  • 16) MC likes Star Trek and Star Wars WAY too much
  • 17) I cut my hair today, and MC didn’t even notice. He couldn’t figure out what was different.
  • 18) MC didn’t ever officially propose to me. I’m not even really clear about how that whole thing happened.
  • 19) MC hogs the covers in bed. He doesn’t just pull them over – he pulls ONE CORNER over, so the sheets are left in a diamond shape.
  • 20) MC spanks me for not exercising – but just TRY to get him to come on a walk with me. Yeah right, he acts like he’s allergic to fresh air.

Yet, with all his little quirks – and all of the extra work he creates – I still love him. I will love him until the day I die. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

3 Responses to Twenty MC Faults (this post is gonna get me spanked for sure!)

  1. Jean says:

    lol, your right, you probably will get spanked, but remind him of the last part about how much you love him, that should help.

  2. Tigger says:

    He read it last night and liked it. He said he’d never seen “all his faults on one page” before. I told him those aren’t all of them – just the first 20 that popped into my head. lol

  3. Michelle says:

    Alot of those remind me of MG’s faults LOL ….good luck with that spanking that your going to get ;)

    BTW …thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog. It’s nice to know that there are others out there like me who kind of understand where I am coming from in my posts. I try not to write about the negative but sometimes I am so mad that this is what comes out on my blog …kind of like my place to vent :)

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