The cane and tawse


Today’s Chores:

Pick up bedroom/bathroom floors

Oil wood furniture


Clean sinks

Take out garbage

Clean dining table


Plan menu for the week


Clean water cooler


Does it seem like this list is getting longer? It sure seems that way to me!


Thanksgiving was nice, and I didn’t overeat – much. Of course, we all ate more than we usually do, and my stomach has been paying the price, since. I did still exercise that day, and I didn’t eat sweets, so it counted as a successful day 3.

I’ve been doing simple exercises, for 30 minutes minimum. I’ve mostly been riding the stationary bike, because it’s convenient. I know it’s not very intense, but I’m really trying to make sure I do something almost every day.

Today is day 1 of my new 3 day goal. Yesterday would have been it, but I ate a donut. So far so good today, just oatmeal and coffee. I’ve found that if I use splenda and mocha mix, coffee still seems like a treat. I used to drink coffee and tea with Vanilla coffee mate, but I started reading the labels. I’m trying to avoid sugar, and hydrogenated oils, and coffee-mate has both! Mocha mix doesn’t have either one, and it has a rich creamy taste that is still satisfying.

To be tied….


So far, I’ve earned one cane or tawse cut for December 5th. MC says he’s going to make them really hard. That’s really what I need, I know. If it’s not something I dread, it’s not an effective threat. Even though the hairbrush and paddles hurt, I don’t dread them. I’m afraid of the cane, because it cuts. It hurts, and I bleed. There are times I nearly pass out from the pain that reverberates from my ass to my head. None of those things happen with a spanking. Eventually the pain during a spanking dulls, and I can actually take more than MC is willing or able to dish out. Not so with the cane. The cane is what made me give up smoking. It’s the only thing that worked.  I’ll have to be sure to rub it down with alcohol. That makes it far less scary, because I know I’m not at risk of infection due to dust/dirt coming in contact with the cuts.


The tawse is somewhat scary to me, because it wraps, and stings, and occasionally hits my pussy and asshole. It’s very unpredictable. I certainly prefer implements that thud, rather than sting…and that’s why this is an effective punishment implement.

2 Responses to The cane and tawse

  1. Jean says:

    Congrats on the 3 days successful. That’a a good plan making exercise something you can do each day for 30 min. THe stationary bike is a great way to do it.
    And yes your list does seem to be getting longer, lol.

  2. Leigh says:

    I absolutely love the setup you have here. Using FlyLady and SparkPeople plus the chore lists. I’m just cruising the web looking for chore lists to help me make my own. Thanks for your contribution — I went straight out and got down some cobwebs!

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