Three day fitness goals


 Today’s chores:

Clean Dining table

Dry Dust

Clean Bike and Exercise Equipment

Clean Sinks

Take out garbage

Pick up bedroom floors

Get down cobwebs


Clean out refrigerator

Wash out trashcans

Clean Blinds

Hot spot fire drill

10 minutes in current zone (Master Bedroom)

 It’s not as much as it sounds. I knocked it out in about an hour.

 MC might be going back to school to finish his Masters degree. He could go a couple of directions, either IT or psychology. He would be great at either one.  Poor guy had to re-do his website today. He’s working really long hours on that. I know it will be a great success when he gets it done, though.  


Ok, new plan – instead of a week at a time, I’m making 3 day goals. Follow meal plan for 3 days in a row, exercise 30 minutes 3 days in a row. Once I screw up, it starts over, with a new three day goal. So far, I haven’t really been able to have a completely “good week” and it’s driving me nuts. So far, I’m on day two – but tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I don’t know if I can have a successful “day three” on Thanksgiving!

To be tied….

Today MC and I had planned to have some playtime. I did get my diet spanking – but we didn’t get to play as long as we had hoped. It’s been raining here, and someone was on the roof walking around. We figured it was maintenance looking for leaks. Either way, we couldn’t make any noise, and our play was halted. *sigh*. MC and I are going to have to settle for vanilla sex for a while. Definitely need to get to the Lair. Very soon. There are a couple of “munches” scheduled for December. Maybe we’ll go to those, and see what we can get started.

4 Responses to Three day fitness goals

  1. Jean says:

    That’s treat you were able to start a new plan/It’s nice ot have the freedom to be able to try something new. Too bad someone interrupted your playtime.

  2. Tigger says:

    So far the three day plan is working (along with the threat of the cane). Today was my third day, with exercise and good diet. Tomrrow starts a new day one. :-)

  3. Jean says:

    Congrats on making the 3 days perfect!!! Keep it up

  4. Tigger says:

    Thanks Jean. :-) I’m on a new day one today! 3 days is certainly do-able.

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