I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)

I ran across this video today, and I remember watching it when I was much younger. I suppose he’s saying that he won’t cheat – but “I wont do that” can apply to almost anything you can think of. I thinik of the spanko living with a vanilla, and she is practically begging him to spank her, through her actions, and even straight out saying it. Yet he refuses, because it would be wrong. This is sadism at it’s worst. I think of “vanilla” men and women, who can accept almost all aspects of dominance and submission, except the physical aspect. Husbands who work and support their families, and have stay-home wives who do all of the domestic duties and care for the children. But spanking and other BDSM activities are highly offensive to them. Divorce rates are soaring, and sex lives are diminishing, and yet they are unable to fathom what it is we do. We are low-lifes, Wierdos, those they would never associate with. But we are forever.

Meatloaf – I would do anything for love (but I wont do that)

(the video is a little shakey for about 10 seconds at the beginning, but that goes away)

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