Week 4 / Thanksgiving Plans And Supplements



I have a headache. It started with DD calling me at noon today to tell me that I taught her something wrong on her homework. Ugh. First of all, I don’t think I did. I told her to bring it home and show me. If I did, I’m going to learn something today…  Either way, it irritated me, and now I have a headache.

We are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I like my in-laws. I know a lot of people have problems with their mother-in-law, but I don’t.  I like her, possibly more than I like my own mother. She’s involved with MC, but doesn’t stick her nose in our business. When we got married, she didn’t want us to go to Vegas, but that’s the only time she’s expressed something that she wanted us to do. She has 5 children, and MC was the first to get married. We wound up getting married at her house, and it was a nice ceremony. I think she was happy with the way things turned out. MC and I were just going to get married in Vegas for simplicity, because we didn’t feel like planning a bunch of stuff – but mom-in-law took care of all the planning and it was really nice. We were even able to have the minister we wanted, which wouldn’t have happened if we had gone to Vegas.


MC and I watched Kama Sutra last night – it was actually ok. As expected, the Indian women and colors are beautiful. The men are creepy – all except one. Funny though, I think they cast a Native American man for that role..lol..I guess Indian is Indian is Indian. They had to find at least one good looking man somewhere.

Today I don’t have nearly as many chores as yesterday. It’s basically just maintenance from the weekend:

Clean Dining table

Take out Garbage

Clean sinks

Pick up bedroom floors



I haven’t really done any exercise all week to speak of. I’ve been really distracted, for some reason. Time to get back on track.  I’m up almost 2 pounds. Sweets and lack of exercise are my main problems, right now. I’m low on energy. Sweets don’t help in the long run – but they help to keep me awake in the moment. I have to find some other way.

We have discovered a couple of good supplements that we are adding to almost all of our food. I add whole flaxseed to my oatmeal and to my morning smoothies. Turmeric is a mild seasoning that is great on chicken, rice, vegetables and beans.


Flaxseed has Omega 3 oils, and loaded with fiber, which we all know is good!  It has a slightly nutty flavor.




Turmeric is an anti-inflamatory, great for stomach ailments and is also touted as an anti-cancer agent. I’m hoping it will eliminate my psoriasis. So far, it’s improving!  Turmeric doesn’t have a strong flavor, so we can use a lot of it. It does stain, though, so if you use a lot of turmeric on your chicken and you eat your chicken with your fingers, you’ll have yellow fingertips.


Three People vs. 7 cups of vanilla ice cream:

Last night we had banana milkshakes. Big no-no. This morning, DD and I got up and finished the ice cream from last night, making more banana milkshake. MC said he didn’t want any, because it was too cold and he was having to go outside. Poor guy. So DD and I ate it all. I suppose it’s better to do that for breakfast, and have a chance to burn it off…but it’s better not to do THAT at all!

For lunch I had oatmeal, and for dinner tonight we will have chicken and veggies.

To be tied….

It turns out that MC and I might have some alone time, on Wednesday morning. DD will be at school half-day and MC thinks he has the day off.  I’ll keep you updated. I’m a little nervous, because I am due a punishment. But nothing worse than I’ve had before.

MC has started doing some fetish clothing / fetish toy sales. We might have more toys here soon than we know what to do with! Next time we get our bag out, I’ll take a picture of what we have, right now. Later, we might need a wide angle lens!

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